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Give the Gift of Life

One simple decision could save another’s life and save your family much heartache. Most of us don’t like to contemplate our death.


However, if you do – just for a few minutes – you’re rooting for life over death. Decide now to become an organ donor. That way you could give the gift of life to someone who needs a donor organ to live. That way your family may not have to make that difficult  decision for you.


Talk to your family about this important decision. And, take an extra step. Sign organ donor cards, so your wishes will be clearly known. Keep one card and give the other to a family member.

Every day up to eight Americans die waiting for organ transplants.


Important facts:

  • All ages, races and nationalities can become organ and tissue donors.

  • Donor families are never charged or compensated.

  • Donation has no effect on funeral arrangements. It doesn’t preclude having an open casket

  • Remember it’s imperative that family members know your wish to give. "


Additionally, since hospital staff is required to ask family about organ donations, taking care of this important decision yourself may relieve stress on family members during a difficult time.

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