A Letter from Dr. Moore

It is with both great joy and great sadness that I am announcing the closure of my office and my retirement from the Practice of Medicine after 44 years, on December 20th of this year. My joy comes from the pleasure that I’ve had caring for you and for our community through these years. I am so honored that you’ve entrusted me to care for you and your family. Through these years, we together, have created bonds of trust, and walked through challenges and threats. I’ve had the immeasureable joy and of escorting many of your children and grandchildren into this world and into your arms. Sadly, it hasn’t always been that dreamed of happy ending for some; we’ve held hands and cried together. You have shared with me photos and tales of blossoming beautiful individuals as they’ve unfolded themselves right before our eyes. And sometimes we’ve talked and walked through your own growth and health challenges. It’s been such an honor to share that with you.

My sadness comes from having to move on from this phase of my life.

 I also know that you may have the additional challenge of finding and then building a relationship of trust with a new provider, this at a time when we are facing a shortage of health care providers in all specialties. Sometimes that is not easy, especially in this very sensitive and personal area. As best we can, we will try to assist you.

Appointments with me: For some of you, we have been on a treatment course that you may want to come in, discuss and prepare to hand off to your new provider. Some may want to get their annual gynecological exams done for this year or require refills.

Our office has been operating on reduced hours, but we will try to make adjustments to accommodate your needs until our closing December 20, 2022. We currently are seeing patients Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week.

 After my retirement, I will not be licensed to practice medicine, including writing prescriptions, ordering or interpreting lab test results, rendering a medical diagnosis nor dispensing medical advice to patients, so I encourage you, if you want that, to arrange for an appointment.

You may request a copy of your records in writing to be sent to your healthcare provider of choice or yourself through our office until December 20th. Arrangements are being developed for access to records after that date.

Request for Records form can be printed from this website.

 I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the honor and privilege of serving you for these 28 years.

With much love and affection,

William David Moore, MD

Anytime-Anywhere Access


Tuesday: 9 am - 5 pm

Wednesday: 8 am - 5 pm

Thursday: 8 am - Noon

Closed daily for lunch: 12 pm-1 pm


Dr. Moore or the Physician on call may be reached after regular office hours by calling the Marion Health (formerly MGH) (765) 660-6000.

If a medical emergency, please go directly to the nearest emergency room.